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Engineering Physics

Subject Notes Download
Coherence and Optical fiber.pdf Download
Electromagnetism (Part-I).pdf Download
Electromagnetism (Part-II).pdf Download
Laser.pdf Download
List of Experiments.pptx Download
Material Science and Semiconductor Physics ( Part- A).pdf Download
Material Science and Semiconductor Physics (Part-B).pdf Download
Optical Fibre.pdf Download
Physics.pdf Download
Quantum Mechanics – I.pdf Download
Quantum Mechanics – II.pdf Download
Question Bank physics.doc Download
Syllabus and Lecture plan.pptx Download
Tutorial sheets 2020-21 Engineering Physics (1).docx Download
Unit wise Assignment.doc Download
Wave Optics – I (Interference of light).pdf Download
Wave Optics – II (Diffraction of light ).pdf Download
Weak Student Assignment.doc Download


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