Jaipur Engineering College And Research Centre

Approved By AICTE & Affiliated To RTU 

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Board of Governance

NSERD (National Society for Engineering Research and Development Jaipur).

Members of society are governing body members include chairman vice chairman secretary, advisor and principal JECRC as invite member. The society member approve all the financial implementation to the institute and also look after the progress of institute from time to time and based on that approval and advise to the institute head is provided by society.  

Delegation of Powers to the various Authorities:

The Chairman. JECRC Foundation, and the National Society for Engineering Research and Development, has directed me to convey the delegation of powers to the various authorities working in the NSERD promoted institutions. Our Esteemed Chairman is of the view that the College Principal and the Registrar should have adequate powers so that they are in a position to comply with the requirements of the regulatory and supervising bodies, and conduct day-to-day affairs in a positive and peaceful manner, under their own authority and signatures.

With a view to ensuring smooth and unambiguous functioning of the colleges, viz., Jaipur Engineering College And Research Centre and the delegated powers / authority are detailed hereunder

  • As Head of the Institution, he shall exercise his authority for institution building. He will act as Competent Authority for all Faculty Members and Officer staff and be responsible for overall human resource management their appointment, utilization, retrenchment, termination, disciplinary action. etc. He will exercise signing powers as Competent Authority.

  • He will act as superintendent and guide for all items of work related to AICTE RTU (Affiliating University), UGC. MHRD. Technical Education Department GOR, State Level Fees Determination Committee, and other regulatory or higher bodies.

  • Establish a climate in which faculty members and the students can develop self-discipline, and promote research.

  • To formulate the Budget and assess the infrastructural and other requirements well in advance and get the same approved from the Secretary, NSERD before execution.

  • Impress amount of Rs. 1.00,000/- (Rs One Lakh Only) is also delegated for routine exercise.

  • He shall act Competent Authority for all office and sub-staff, and exercise signing powers as competent authority for their appointment, utilization. retrenchment, termination, disciplinary action. etc.


  • He shall act as Compliance Officer to fulfill the regulatory guidelines etc. of AICTE. Will (Affiliating University), UGC, MHRD, Technical Education Department GOR, State Level Fees Determination Committee, and other regulatory or higher bodies. He shall act as signing authority in all such matters.


  • The Registrar shall be the custodian of records and property of the college, and be directly responsible to the Director/Principal of the College for the proper discharge of his duties and functions, and exercise such other powers and perform such other duties as may be assigned to him by the Director/Principal.


  • In the absence of Director / Principal, all powers shall vest in Registrar and he shall exercise the authority and signing powers of the Principal including Competent Authority for Faculty Members, etc.

Board of Governance (BoG)

The trust and society has a Board of Governance which assists Board of trustees for management of the college activities. The of Governance also comprises of scientists of national repute, renowned academicians and eminent personalities from Industry. The committee assumes a role of Intellectual leadership and evaluates new scientific perspectives. It evolves policies and strategies for generation of innovations and development of technical programs. The main work of this committee is to give vision about new technology and courses that are to be initiated at the trust. It comprises of the Chairman, Member Secretary and the principals of and various institutes.

In addition the BoG shall have: 

Board of governance as per AICTE that include chairman, head of institute as secretary, 2-5 senior faculty members , nominated members from AICTE, affiliating university, state of government, invited members from other universities, invited parents, invited industry person, 


Its Primary responsibilities include

Secretary present the report of institute as :- 

  • Planning and policy development

  • Review of  non –budgeted expenditures

  • Approval of major infrastructural changes

  • Financial and legal compliance

  • Publicity

  • Appointment of members of the governing boards

  • Review of Institutional Budgets

  • Starting new courses or departments or institutions if any to the member and the minutes of meeting of the same are sent to NSERD for approval. 

Members of the Board of Governance