Jaipur Engineering College And Research Centre

Approved By AICTE & Affiliated To RTU 

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IQAC Vision & Mission


To monitor, advise and ensure, initiatives taken by the institute to improve quality in education and administrative setup by doing periodic monitoring & evaluation and achieving new benchmarks.


1) To establish outcome based learning environment that includes value based system.
2) To encourage all the departments to outreach and build relationships with the institutes and industries of repute at global level.
3) To develop a system that consistently monitors and advises the initiatives taken by the institute and encourages improvement upon best practices.
4) To develop universal rules and rubrics for all sections.


1) IQAC shall create process to ensure that all the academic and administrative tasks are performed timely and efficiently
2) IQAC shall suggest various academic / research based programmes.
3) IQAC shall create process for outcome based learning.
4) IQAC shall advise transparency.
5) IQAC shall monitor and motivate initiatives of the institute towards the benefits of various sections of society.
6) To monitor the progress of strategic planning of the institute and provide necessary support.