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Feedback Forms

S. No Types of Feedbacks Link Of Feedbacks
1 Student’s Curriculum Feedback Form https://forms.gle/BSqmuSMnrrAUNFdU8
2 Students Feedback On Teaching Learning https://forms.gle/qDnxzAJb9J19UZDr5
3 Students Extra-Curricular Feedback Form https://forms.gle/FdzxwxoZZEW99usv9
4 Parent’s Feedback Form https://forms.gle/hKXREmzmjH8che998
5 Student’s Facility Feedback Form https://forms.gle/GhxvQUNrRyGSUsBQA
6 Student’s Hostel Facility Feedback Form https://forms.gle/xeHNUd4dixmNuF2B9
7 Student’s Feedback(Transport Facility) Form https://forms.gle/Y8gAnoQmg9hoTbeJ8
8 General Feedback Form https://forms.gle/fEwp5T1zbGS2xpvK7
9 Student’s Course Outcome Feedback Form https://forms.gle/GnxSy4NCVzotjtKBA
10 Student’s Program Exit Feedback Form https://forms.gle/k1V3N5wPmi8yMsas8
11 Employee Feedback form https://forms.gle/GFnUD8CyjspWN1Mt9
12 Industrial Training Feedback Form https://forms.gle/31igduyFKNUncMV78
13 Student’s Infrastructure Feedback Form https://forms.gle/72kjhvqadQQ4ZQxH9
14 Alumni Feedback Form https://forms.gle/DYkSMrLVYbV7NC119
15 Course Exit Feedback form https://forms.gle/ac6bNjctZ33L8tef6
16 Seminar Feedback form https://forms.gle/2BqLB8qj6M7r6JnC7
17 Employer Feedback Form https://forms.gle/Esq26rtXbrCh6RQLA