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Student Grievance Mechanism

Mechanisms for submission of online/offline students’ grievances:

The grievance redressal mechanism is constituted to be implemented in the institute to address the grievance related to students, women harassment, ragging, maintenance and other related issues.The grievance committee members investigate the cases through following mechanism:

1. An individual has to submit a grievance form (available on the website https://jecrcfoundation.com/Student-Grievance-Mechanism ) online/offline.

2. The submitted form is reported to the IQAC.

3. The IQAC then review the grievance and forward to Registrar office or concerned Department/Section Incharge.

4. The concerned section will then takes action and submit the report to the grievance committee for the closure of grievance within stipulated time.

5. The information about the action taken is communicated to the individual who has put up the grievance.

The time taken to resolve the grievance varies from two days to one week.

Online Students Grievance Form

Offline Students Grievance Form

Internal examination related grievance handling mechanism: