Jaipur Engineering College And Research Centre

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Chairperson Message

Dear Student,

Swami Vivekananda, the great reformer and thinker of India used to say that ‘A Nation is advanced in proportion to education and intelligence spread among the masses.’ He hold the opinion that a sculptor has a clear idea about what he wants to shape out of the marble block; a painter knows what he is going to paint and similarly if a teacher molds the students then he is actually molding the future of a nation. Swamiji attempted to establish, through his words and deeds, that the end of all education is man making. Similar are my views that our nation will grow leaps and bounds if the education provided to its youth is contributing to the success of society, nation and humanity. JECRC College with its decade long background has tried to provide the best education, research innovation, job opportunities and overall development to its students. It has created a platform that provides the world-class education and ethical values which help growing India along with making its mark in the Globe. I invite you to explore the corridors of JECRC College which will give you the glimpse of a perfect future. Come, join and give voice to your unsaid dreams.

— Shri O.P Agrawal