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Patent No. Title Name Of Faculty Inventors Filling Application Number/ Patent Number Date of Publication
Patent 1. Design of a hybrid floating Solar System Dr. Vinita Mathur, Dr. Parul Tyagi, Dr. Neha Singh 2020103119 16/12/20
Patent 2. Multilayer Reusable Activated Carbon Face Mask for Preventing Viral Infection Dr. Vinita Mathur 202011045474 30/10/20
Patent 3. High Efficient Wind Solar Diesel Hybrid System and Method Thereof for application in Remote Area Ms. Ritambara 201911023126 21/06/19
Patent 4. Method of Free Space Optical Communication With Minimising Fog Related Atmospheric Interferences Ms. Ritambara 202011001334 17/01/2020
Patent 5 A System for Agriculture Field Monitoring and Pest Controlling Ms. Ritambara 202021027373 24/07/20
Patent 6. Protecting Malicious Attacks by Using Fuzzy Based ANT Colony Optimization Model For MANET Mr. Ashutosh 202011049120 20/11/2020
Patent 7. Design of IOT Based Air Control Using WI-FI Sensor Device Integrated to Cloud Computing Mr. Ashutosh, Mr. Naresh, Mr. Lokesh Kumar Sharma 202141001108 15/01/21
Patent 8. Solar Electric power distribution and management system for agriculture purposes Dr Fauzia Siddiqui, Radhey shyam meena, Dr Mohammad Israr 201921006207 16/02/2019
Patent 9. Hybrid energy management system using solar, wind ,fuel cell sources for remote region Dr M P Singh, Dr Fauzia Siddiqui, Radhey shyam meena, Dr Mohammad Israr 202011005557 7/2/2020
Patent 10. Improved hand operated embroidery tool for easy operation Dr MP Singh, Asik Rahaman, Dr Mohammad Israr 202011023690 26/06/2020
Patent 11. Dustbin system for recycling of plastic waste into fuel using pyrolysis Dr M P Singh, Dr Fauzia Siddiqui, Dr Ravindra pathak, Dr Mohammad Israr 202011023690 26/06/2020
Patent 12. Twirl Gas Burner Rishi Pareek, Mohammed Saquib Khan, Rishabh Dutt Sharma, Neelraj Kaushik, Lakshay Zaveri 202011027817 28/08/2020
Patent 13. A Novel Intelligent Software Based Cardiovascular Monitoring System Dr. Nilam Choudhary 202011035976 September, 2020
Patent 14. Child Monitoring Device to Protect Falling in to Abandoned Deep Bore Well Dr. Vijeta Kumawat 202041033447 August, 2020
Patent 15. Improving the Quality of health care by smart glass using cloud computing Geerija Lavania 202011031451 July, 2020
Patent 16. System and method for managing a library B. Uma Maheswari 202011027625  11/9/2020
Patent 17. Automation of Divider Watering System Sachin Gupta Kanishk Jain Ashish Ameria Applied Accepted and Drafted(under process) 2/2/2021
Patent 18. An Initiative to connect farmers and vendors directly Sweeti Singhal Applied 22-Mar, 2021
Patent 19. “Novel 20t 8:1 Multiplexer design for area efficient and low power application Tripti Dua Anju Rajput Sanjay Gour Applied 25-May, 2021
Patent 20. Water impurity detection using internet of things (IOT) for smart city Mr. Yogesh Kumar Agarwal 202041025992A July,2020
Patent 21. Mechanism for detection and prevention of water and mud inrush in underground construction using spatial analysis Mr. Yogesh Kumar Agarwal 202041026400A July,2020
Patent 22. Ensuring Nutritional value of food product from manufacture to consumer using wireless sensor network and block chain technology Ms. Ritambara 202141021547A 11/06/21
S.No. Patent Detail Applicant Name Published Date Application No.
1 Automated Head Massage and Nourishment Device Dr. V.K.Chandna, Mr.Manish Jain,Dr. Vinita Mathur, Dr. Parul Tyagi, Mr. Mukesh Agarwal, Ms. Chitra 11/4/2022 202211021638
2 Turban With Solar Charger Dr. V.K.Chandna, Mr.Manish Jain, Dr.Smita Agarwal,Mr. Rijwan Khan 17/03/22 360847-001
3 Multifunctional Water Dispensing Device Dr. V.K.Chandna, Dr. Parul Tyagi, Mr. Mukesh Agarwal, Ms. Chitra, Mr.Ashish Kulshrestha, ms.Deepmala Kulshrestha 22/07/22 202211041409
4 Walk Assistive system For Visually Impaired Dr. V.K.Chandna, Dr. Prerak bhardwaj. Mr.Senthil Lakshmanan, Ms.Sonali Chaddha, Mr. Sarthak Joshi, Ms. Shalini Fatehpuriya 22/07/22 202211041412 A
5 Quilt Manufacturig Device Dr. V.K.Chandna, Mr.Manish Jain, Dr. Mahendra Pratap Singh, Mr.Akhil Vijay, Ms.Palak, Mr. Yogesh Dubey, Dr. Manmohan Siddh, Mr. Srikant Bansal 22/07/22 202211041410 A
6 Brake Drum Manufacturing Device Dr. V.K.Chandna, Mr.Manish Jain, Dr. Mahendra Pratap Singh, Dr.Manoj Gupta, Mr.Lalit Kr. Sharma, Mr. Hemant Bansal, Mr. Tej Bahadur Singh 22/07/22 202211041413 A
7 Cooking Assistive Device Dr. V.K.Chandna, Dr. Barkha Shrivastav,Dr. U.K.Pareek,Mr. Manoj Pathak,Dr. Avani Pareek 22/07/22 202211041411 A
8 Bath Assistive Device For Handicapped Dr. V.K.Chandna,Dr. Vinita Mathur, Dr. Parul Tyagi 16/09/2022 202211052212
9 Gymnastic Training Device Dr. V.K.Chandna, Dr. Vinita Mathur, Mr.Rajkumar Jain, Mr.Ashish Kulshrestha 16/09/2022 202211052207
10 Adaptable Lower Limb Weight Lifting Exercising Device Dr. V.K.Chandna, Dr. Parul Tyagi, Mr. Mukesh Agarwal, Mr.Vikas Sharma 16/09/2022 202211052208
11 Upper Limb Exercising Device Dr. V.K.Chandna, Dr.Parul Tyagi, Dr. Vijeta Kumawat 16/09/2022 202211052211
12 Automated Object Designing Device Dr. V.K.Chandna, Mr.Manish Jain, Dr. Mahendra Pratap Singh, Mr. Yogesh Dubey, Dr. Fauzia siddiqui 16/09/2022 202211052220
13 Ice Candy Preparation Device Dr. V.K.Chandna, Dr. Mahendra Pratap Singh, Dr. Shruti Kalra, ms.Ritambhara, Mr.Ashish Kulshreshta, Ms.deepmala Kulshreshta, Mr. Akhil Vijay 16/09/2022 202211052223
14 Wood Apple Juice Extraction Device Dr. V.K.Chandna, Ms.Kashish Parwani, Dr.Barkha Srivastava, Mr. Vishal Saxena, Dr. Ruchi Mathur 16/09/2022 202211052221
15 Rider Safety System For Two Wheeler Mr. Manish Jain, Dr. Mahendra Pratap Singh, Dr. Manish Srivastava, Dr.Bhuvnesh Bhardwaj, Mr. Abhishek Kumar, Mr. Ravi yadav, Mr. Rajendra Kr. Gupta, Mr.Nitin Chabbra, 22/07/22 202211041414 A
16 Hydrotherapy Rehabilitation Device Mr. Manish Jain, Dr. Mahendra Pratap Singh, Dr.Shruti Kalra,Ms.Ritu Vyas, Ms.Deepmala 9/16/2022 202211052213
17 Sleep Assistive Device For Infants Mr. Manish Jain, Dr.Sandeep Vyas, Mr.Deepak Sankhala 9/16/2022 202211052206
18 Thigh Workout Training Device Mr. Manish Jain, Dr. Mahendra Pratap Singh, Mr.Ashish Kulshreshta, Dr. Fauzia siddiqui 9/16/2022 202211052210
19 Chest Exercising Device Mr. Manish Jain, Ms.Chitra, Mr.Mukesh Agarwal, Mr.Bhoopesh 9/16/2022 202211052214
20 Assistive Device For Passage Of Vehicles On Uneven Roads Mr. Manish Jain, Dr. Mahendra Pratap Singh, Mr. Yogesh Dubey,Mr. Tejbahadur Singh, Dr. Fauzia siddiqui 9/16/2022 202211052219
21 See-Saw Amusement Device Mr. Manish Jain, Mr.Akhil Vijay, Dr.Bhuvnesh Bhardwaj, Dr. Manoj Gupta,Mr. Lalit Kumar Sharma 9/16/2022 202211052222
22 Squat Exercise Training Device Dr. Mahendra Pratap Singh, Dr.Vinita Mathur,Dr. Sandeep Vyas, Dr. Fauzia siddiqui 9/16/2022 202211052215
23 Leg Exercising Device Dr. Vinita Mathur,Dr. Parul Tyagi, Ms. Sonali Chadha,Dr. Fauzia siddiqui 9/16/2022 202211052209
24 Utensile Management Device Dr. Shruti Kalra, Ms. Ritambhara, Mr.Lokesh Sharma, Ms.Vipra Bohra,Mr. Deepak Sankhla, Mr.Jaiprakash Mishra,Ms.Ritu Vyas, Ms. Bhawna Kalra 22/07/22 202211041408