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  • Team "Krypton" from IT Department, Jecrc Foundation Won TEQIP-III RTU SKIT Hackathon 2019
  • Seminar held on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation at JECRC Foundation
  • Workshop on "Project Based Learning" was conducted by I.T Department on 15 December At JECRC Foundation
  • IT Ideathon 2.0 was conducted by I.T Department on 10 December At JECRC Foundation
  • I.T. Hackathon 2.0 was conducted by I.T Department on 12 September
  • Induction program for 2017-2021 batch from 1st July to 15th July 2018
  • Placement training for final year students from 9th July 2018
  • Hands on workshop on Docker on 10th August & 11th August 2018
  • 2 Days workshop on aptitude skills and personality developer on 18th August & 20th August 2018
  • Organising IT hackathon on 12th September 2018
  • Pre hackathon workshop on introduction to hackathon on 20th August 2018
  • Pre hackathon workshop on introduction to Git on 22nd August 2018
  • Pre hackathon workshop on introduction to Web Development on 30th August 2018
  • Pre hackathon workshop on introduction to Android on 31st August 2018
  • Pre hackathon workshop on introduction to Git - II on 4th September 2018
  • Organising Ideathon on 17th October 2018
  • Organising IT hackathon on 2nd November 2018

The area of Information technology (IT) deals with the use of computers to store, retrieve, transmit, and manipulate data or information in the context of various fields.There are multiple and lucrative positions available in the information technology industry. It is one of the fastest growing employment industries in the world.
Over the years, the department of IT at JECRC Foundation has created an aura for its innovative short-term courses through continuing education. The department has always provided such environment in which new ideas, research and scholarship flourish and from which the innovators of tomorrow emerge. Through rigorous coursework and by providing an understanding of the needs of industry, we aim towards new technological trends as well as industrial interactions.
With every passing year the unpritdented success of IT students has been the highlight of the placement drives happening in the campus. Every year almost 20% of final year students secure admission for higher studies at renowned universities abroad and institutes of repute in India. The upsurge in the number of entrepreneurs from the campus in ritnt times has been really promising and their endeavors have really been galvanizing the students to take up start-up projects and achieve success.

Gate Qualifiers
  • Mr. Pankaj Soni
  • Mr. Pramod Nagar
  • Ms. Kamakhya Bansal
Acadmics Toppers

Mr. Laveesh Gupta

3rd Semister

Mr. Kunal Mishra

5th Semister

Mr. Vatsal Babel

6th Semister

Ms. Ishmeet Kaur

7th & 8th Semister


Ms. Ankita Makwana


Ms. Chetna Chotrani

Ms. Kirti Aggarwal


Ms. Priya Mishra

Ms. Palak Saria

Ms. Garima Mathur

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