About Us

JECRC established itself as a favorite destination for the students of this region. It has huge infrastructure, fully developed Labs, a library with wide range of collections and a large fleet of highly experienced faculty.
Our students come from different walks of life and bring with them high ambitions and dreams to make a difference in the society. We cultivate in them cultural confidence, professional competence, and versatility to become productive citizens of the country. We inspire their creative minds and help them to have an international perspective, be it in education, character building or even in sports & cultural activities. It is our endeavor to constantly evolve curriculum support, so our students stay abreast with the latest updates in this technologically developed world.
As an established professional institution, we are aware of the fact that our responsibility does not cease by just producing the graduates, but help them to get suitable employment during their study tenure. To enhance their employability, we arrange addition support to empower them with latest technological knowledge The mystery of our success is on our belief that a good academic model along with a commitment to providing quality is the cornerstone for the success of higher education institutions. We look forward to another great year with increasing numbers of graduates, nationally recognized research programs, and expanding activities of our extension programs. Please join us in the journey.

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