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In this day and age of cutthroat competition one can attain success only by gaining practical experience and exposure.

JECRC Foundation believes in 360o development of its students and to give them competitive edge in a world of rising global competition for a talented and innovative workforce, we have adopted experimental learning in the form of internship. JECRC Foundation firmly believes in importance of Internship as there is no substitute for experience. Internship not only integrates knowledge and theory learned in classroom with practical application but also empowers interns by developing much solicited skills in professional setting.

Internship brings along a plethora of benefits  :

  • Students gain industry Knowledge from experts, 
  • Gain valuable work experience, 
  • Get Stipend, 
  • Develop and refine their skills, 
  • Network with professionals while exploring a career path which gives them an edge in the job market. 
  • Enhance a student's academic career, personal development and market ability by providing on-the-job training.

With rise in number of graduates passing each year and ever-increasing competition has changed the hiring scenario of corporate sector/industry dramatically. Most employers are reluctant to hire someone who's never worked before and internship provides a solution of it by providing a real work place experience where students get an opportunity to work on live projects.

Internship programs develop students' overall maturity by strengthening resourcefulness, problem-solving skills, self confidence, self-discipline and sense of responsibility.

The JU fraternity undeniably believes that internship not only enhances students' training and allows them to gain skills but it also makes them a better employee by giving them self confidence that is often a prerequisite in the workplace. Also, Students who already have some work experience in the form of an internship stand out to potential employers.

At JECRC Foundation, a meticulously planned road map for internship program is curated under the supervision of Directorate of Internship. Internship program at JECRC Foundation is aimed to develop intentional learning objectives goals that are structured into experience and supervised by a professional with relevant and related background in the field. One Semester internship has been inculcated in curriculum for final year students to provide students exposure to industrial work environment and gain real world experiences. Internship practice at JU is unique and one of its kind experiences.

To get the best result out of internship program, Faculty Internship Guides (FIGs) are carefully handpicked and trained by the Directorate of Internship to guide students during their internship journey. Students are assigned Faculty Internship Guide who motivates them to grab the best opportunity. Directorate of Internship at JU conducts Internship drives in campus and around (number of internship compensation i.e. get stipend). Throughout the internship drives, prestigious and renowned companies are invited to hire students for internships. These drives provide students a niche to express them in the best way and improve upon their knowledge for getting selected for internship.

To reap full benefits from this mutually agreed upon experience by the students, several milestones have been set in this 24-week journey of internship. During complete internship tenure students are closely monitored and carefully evaluated by their industry supervisor and Faculty Internship Guides. Student's performance feedback is taken by the FIGs supervisor periodically via mail, telephonic communication and personal visit to company premises. At industry end, students work closely under supervision of industry experts. A joint evaluation by Directorate of Internship and external experts is done after successful completion of internship.

Since 2016, an appreciable number of 4098 students across all streams were offered by Foundation. The success story of this rigorous and well-planned practice is well stated by the statistics which clearly shows that 100% students got internship for consecutive 6 years. Sixty three percent students got stipend-based internship with stipend up to thirty-five thousand rupees (INR 35K). Around 79 % of the Paid internship got converted into full time job offers at the end of the internship based on students 'performance.

Glories of Internship cell at JU are heightened by students getting International Internships. JU aims at getting internship for its students at the top most organizations not only in India but also abroad. Adding few more feathers to the cap, few students of JU got international internship with stipend up to 70000 rupees (70K). JU leaves no stone unturned to give students wings, strength and opportunity to soar high in the sky.


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