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DST Centre with Potential for Excellence

The institute, because of its interdisciplinary research activities, is being considered as the 'Centre with Potential for Excellence' by Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of Rajasthan. It is for the first time that such recognition is being given by State DST to any educational institute. A three year research project on "Scientific Validation of Ethonomedicinal Plants of Tribal Areas of Rajasthan" has been approved by the expert committee of DST, Government of Rajasthan. The Centre is currently preparing ethanomedicinal herbarium, its scientific validation, a live documentary, marker general and fingerprints; and studying various bio-efficacious aspects including in situ conversation of tribal treasure of Rajasthan.

Research Projects
Most of the faculty members at MGIaS, 17 with Ph.D. degree, are engaged in active research, evidenced by publications in reputed national and international journals of Life Sciences and Chemical Sciences, every year.

Even the students are inspired by the research atmosphere at the institute. Several student research projects have been awarded to the Department of Microbiology and Biotechnology of our institute by the State DST, Government of Rajasthan. All students of our institute carry out one to two months compulsory research project work at our campus laboratories. They are guided by expert faculty members in various fields of biotechnology such as plant, animal, environmental, medicinal, algal and microbial biotechnology.

S# Title of Project Duration Funding Agency Total Fund Received
1 Screening of various Cynobacterial strains for antioxidant potentials 1 Year Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of Rajasthan 13,000.00
2 Comparative analysis of plant growth promoting activity of the Rhizobacteria isolated from different climatic regions and their soil analysis. 1 Year -do- 9,000.00
3 Isolation characterization of Bioactive from arid zone plants and their therapeutic potentials. 1 Year -do- 10,000.00
4 Screening of arid zone plants for isolation of Bioactives and their anti-cancerous potentials. 1 Year -do- 10,000.00
5 To investigate the insecticidal effects of extracts of withania somnifera cultured in vitro. 1 Year -do- 13,000.00
6 Isolation, characterization and determination of biodegradation potential of some indeginous bacterial strains capable of utilizing Nitrophenols as carbon and energy source. 1 Year -do- 8,500.00

Drug Research Lab
Therachem Research Medilab (India) Pvt Ltd, Jaipur is a full-service contract-based organisation of the JECRC Foundation that offers quality solutions to support drug discovery, development and large-scale manufacturing. Therachem is headquartered at Birmingham, Alabama, USA and is registered in the name of United Chem Resources, LLC.

Every year, around 50 students from Biotechnology, Pharma Chemistry and Chemistry departments of MGIaS are encouraged to carry out research and training work at Therachem. Students with exceptional talents are even given job offers after completing their degrees.