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JECRC - driven by Research Culture

Institutions of JECRC Foundation received Government funded R&D Projects worth Rs. 200 lakhs. The foundation actively engages in strengthening the research culture in its institutions through research activities and projects. Initiating an array of R& D projects at various colleges of the Foundation. Government has funded R & D projects in excess of Rs. 200 lakhs particularly for research projects student projects, CAYT awards, conferences and workshops through various agencies like DST New Delhi, DST Rajasthan and DRDO to name a few.

DST Center with Potentials for Excellence in Biotechnology
MGIAS is being considered as the Centre with Potential for Excellence by Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of Rajasthan because of its interdisciplinary research activities. It is for the first time that such recognition is being driven by State DST to any education Institute.

A successful completion of three year research project on Scientific Validation and Authentication of Ethno-medicinal Treasure of Rajasthan and in situ conservation of Endangered flora (2008-2012) has been Approved by the expert committee of DST, Govt of Rajasthan. The Centre prepared Ethno-medicinal Herbarium, its scientific validation, a live documentary, marker generation fingerprints and studying various bio-efficacious aspects including in situ conservation of tribal treasure of Rajasthan under the auspices of DST the group has 25 research articles and ten International books as an outcome of the work.

Women Scientist - A Scheme (WOS -A)
The WOS has been evolved by the Department of Science and Technology for providing opportunities to women scientist and technologist. Under the scheme, women scientist are being encouraged to pursue research in frontier areas of scheme and engineering on problems of societal relevance and to take up S& T based internship followed by self employment.

Research projects of five women scientist of JECRC Foundation has been awarded scholarships and have been funded to the tune of 1.5 crore by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. It is the most prestigious fellowship for women of the country sanctioned by Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi.

FAST TRACK SCHEME (Young Scientist Award )
FAST Track scheme for Young Scientist has evolved as one of the prestigious and popular programmes at National Level sanctioned under the flagship of Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi. The scheme encourages Young Scientist to take up R & D in innovative and challenging areas that they might have identified during the course of their research work. Screening and monitoring mechanism strengthened future of young talent in enhancing quality output from the scientist, thus making them candidates for receiving prestigious awards in National and International Forums.

JECRC Foundation proudly shares that two Young Scientist awards are received by our budding scientist who are working in research frontiers at International Standards and leading the fibre tubes to nano tubes with the blending of nanotechnology.

Student Projects
Even the students are inspired by the research atmosphere at the institute. Several student research projects have been awarded to the Department of Computer Science and Electronics of our institute by the State DST, Government of Rajasthan. All students of our institute carry out one to two months compulsory research project work at our campus laboratories. They are guided by expert faculty members in various fields of Computer sciences and Electronics field such as software advancement, up gradation programming, cognitive, artificial intelligence, immersive and virtual reality.

S# Project Title Student Name Project Guide Amount Sanctioned
1 Laptop Support System Krishna Jalu, Ekansh Gupta Mr. Mukesh Agarwal Rs. 12000/-
2 Virtual Reality based Surgery Training Aman Shankar Mathur Mr. Mukesh Agarwal Rs. 11500/-
3 Blood Arrangers Dheer Singh Yadav Ms. Neelam Chaplot Rs. 11300/-
4 Tongue Driven Vehicle for Tetraplegic Patients Suchi Ghurka, Yash Kothari Ms. Reema Agarwal Rs. 11000/-
5 Sensored Mobile Battery charger . Abhishek Kandelwal, Akash Jain Year Mr. Abhishek Gupta Rs. 10000/-
6 Staircase Friendly Divyanshu Mr. Manish Jain Rs. 11000/-
7 Suitcase Attachment Sharma, Sagar Agarwal Mr. Manish Jain Rs. 11000/-
8 Construction and Demolition Waste Recycling Jai PrakashGaharwar, SujeetKumar, Harpal Singh, AnkitKumar Prajapati,JitendraPaptan Mr. Ripul Sarraff Rs. 10000/-

Drug Research Lab
Therachem Research Medilab (India) Pvt Ltd, Jaipur is a full-service contract-based organisation of the JECRC Foundation that offers quality solutions to support drug discovery, development and large-scale manufacturing. Therachem is headquartered at Birmingham, Alabama, USA and is registered in the name of United Chem Resources, LLC.

Every year, around 50 students from Biotechnology, Pharma Chemistry and Chemistry departments of MGIaS are encouraged to carry out research and training work at Therachem. Students with exceptional talents are even given job offers after completing their degrees.

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