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The JECRC Foundation ardently upholds the practice of self learning and intellectual growth, which are integral to education. Its premier college for B.Tech in Rajasthan, JECRC holds a commitment to offer the highest standards of education with state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Set up in the year 2000, The JECRC has a well-qualified and experienced faculty; excellent management and infrastructure, that ensure academic
excellence and overall development of its students. The JECRC is the 'most preferred choice amongst the aspiring students for B.Tech. programmes. This is evident from the recent trends witnessed during the RPET and AIEEE/JEE counselling.

Bachelor of Technology | B.Tech. Programe and Intake

JECRC offers 4-year Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) degree programmes, which are approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi and affiliated to the Rajasthan Technical University, Kota, Rajasthan.
Programmes Intake
Electronics & Communication Engineering 240
Electrical Engineering 120
Computer Science & Engineering 180
Information Technology 90
Mechanical Engineering 120
Civil Engineering 120
Lateral Entry (in 2nd year) 20% of Ist year Intake
Kashmiri Migrants 44
Second Shift
Mechanical Engineering
Computer Science & Engineering 60

Admissions in B.Tech. Programmes

All admissions take place on the basis of ranking in JEE and RPET examinations. JECRC stands equivalent in position with almost all the top B.Tech. colleges in India.The B.Tech. admission 2014 has been announced open by the college.

The JECRC has one of the finest campuses, that facilitates quality education in engineering. Set amidst calm and peaceful surroundings, the campus offers a productive environment to learn and grow.

The JECRC emphasises on strong practical training that adequately supplements classroom teaching. The JECRC campus houses fully-equipped labs with latest equipment for various disciplines. It has a tie-up with several reputed industry and academies in India and abroad.

JECRC has a well-stocked, fully computer-controlled library with more than 24,500 books, journals and periodicals. The campus also has an Online Digital Library with DELNET facility.

Computer Labs
JECRC has some of the best computer labs, with high-speed configured systems and good internet connectivity. The institute has 14 computer labs with over 500+ computers and 2 Mbps 1:1 leased line internet connectivity.

Supporting Infrastructure
The campus is an ensemble of varied infrastructure and facilities to provide the students an ideal environment for 360 learning and development.

Research Facilitation Unit (RFU)
A Research Facilitation Unit (RFU) has been established to promote research activities among the faculty members by encouraging, guiding, supporting and facilitating them. The Unit disseminates information, as and when received, from various funding agencies. It provides assistance to staff for preparing project proposals for external funding and also for paper presentation in Conferences/Symposia held in India and abroad. The unit itself regularly organizes workshops for which experts in are invited from India and abroad are invited. The RFU is open to students as well. It provides extra assistance to students' projects sponsored by external funding agencies. The RFU also promotes industry institute partnerships.  

Externally Funded Projects
Biotechnology Research and Training Cell
The JECRC Foundation has established a 'Biotechnology Research and Training Cell' with the purpose of providing technical knowledge, along with hands-on training for students of Biotechnology. It offers researchfacilities in the following areas:.
  • Molecular Biology
  • Plant Biotechnology
  • Abiotic Stress Physiology
  • Secondary Metabolites
  • Environmental Biotechnology

JECRC has over 120 faculty members who hold distinguished academic qualifications and have a wide industry exposure. The faculty at JECRC are constantly engaged in delivering their best to the students. The team comprises of 20 PhD holders, 40 MTechs/MEs and 60 BEs. The application of new and innovative teaching methods by the faculty enables the students to be 'industry-ready' and to face real life challenges of the industry.

Simple Choice for the Simply Brilliant
The exceptional performance of our students and our persistent efforts to deliver the best has accredited to the fact that JECRC is growing as 'the most preferred institute' amongst meritorious students. This has been ensured from the recent trends witnessed during RPET and AIEEE/JEE counselling.


JECRC Foundation is committed to offering the highest standards of engineering education. With the JECRC UDML College of Engineering, the Foundation offers quality education in the most productive learning environment. JECRC UDML is set in the lap of nature, overlooking the Aravalli ranges, and uses some of the best teaching methods for education in various disciplines of engineering.

Bachelor of Technology | B.Tech
JECRC UDML College of Engineering offers 4-year Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) degree programmes that are affiliated to the Rajasthan Technical University, Kota and approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi.

Courses Intake  
Electronics & Communication Engineering 120
Computer Science & Engineering 120
Information Technology 60
Mechanical Engineering 60
Admission to B.Tech Programmes
All admissions take place on the basis of ranking in AIEEE and RPET examinations.

Language Lab
UDML College of EngineeringCommunication plays a pivotal role in today's dynamic business environment. With growing competitiveness and globalisation, communication becomes a critical component of one's performance.

JECRC UDML caters to this need and emphasises on holistic personality development of students with attention towards development of communication skills. The institute has one of the finest language laboratories in Jaipur, and also takes pride in housing Jaipur's first Digital Language Laboratory.

JECRC UDML has well-equipped laboratories to facilitate hands-on experience of theoretical learning of engineering courses. The institute has separate laboratories for all the courses.


Computer Lab
The computer laboratories at JECRC UDML are well equipped with over 400 computers, a range of servers and the latest software. Concepts of computer programming learnt in classrooms are aptly supported by laboratories.

On-line Digital Library
The library at JECRC UDML serves in meeting the academic and research needs of the students by providing the latest reading material. Easy access to printed literature in the form of national and international journals, volumes, books and monographs enable our students to be updated with the latest happenings.

Supporting Infrastructure
The institute is well-equipped with a host of facilities that enable and encourage organising of extra curricular activities & events. Faculty
The faculty at JECRC UDML comprises highly competent professors, who are holders of distinguished academic degrees and have rich industry experience. The institute has a faculty strength of 80 members, including 09 Professors, 18 Asst. Professors and 53 Lecturers. The faculty encourages 'application-oriented' learning through the use of new and innovative teaching methods, to enable students to be 'industry-ready'.

Training & Placement Cell
Training at JECRC UDML College of Engineering is a continuous process. The entrant is shaped and attuned to imbibe the pre-requisites of the professional world, right from the first semester.

In-house training is what our College emphasizes at every level, which picks up momentum by the time a student reaches the sixth semester.

The employability status of a student becomes the paramount concern of the College, in the course of enhancing and honing the technical skills and soft skills of the students.

The summer training module, which is a part of the curriculum guideline of Rajasthan Technical University is also taken as a nurturing venture by the College, whereby the Training and Placement Cell at our College keeps a track of the student's disposition during the stipulated slot of summer training.

Regular sessions are held at the College for the development of Technical skills, in all aspects of pragmatism. Corporate etiquettes are also floated in practice for the students to absorb as a behavioural sina qua non. These efforts are made to bridge up the gap between theory outline and application requirement so as to build up a congenial Industry-Institute Interface.

Sports & Games
JECRC Foundation is eminently known for his engineering education and other disciplines. Games and sports activities, too, have become a salient feature for the fitness and wellness of our students. Sports activities for both indoor and outdoor games are plentiful. The response of the students is really very heartening. The students have earned merit at national and state level events.

JECRC UDML is having a vast sports complex, covering 11000Sq Mtrs of campus area. The sports complex consist of different play courts like tennis, basketball, squash etc in addition to the cricket pitch. The complex has been built using Trimix Technology, which is one of its kind. To elaborate, the tennis court is composed of five layers of cushion surface. The squash court consists of glass back and wooden flooring.

The college provides efficient and conveyance facilities. The transport network links all parts of Jaipur to the institute for the convenience of students and faculty members.

Externally Funded Projects
Department of Science and Technology has extended financial support of an amount of Rs.15lac to the research project proposal 'Numerical Simulation of Western Disturbance & Associated Extreme Weather Using a Mesoscale Model'. The principal investigator of the project is from JECRC and a faculty member of JECRC UDML is the co-principal investigator. One junior research fellow is also working in this project.

Personality Development
The significance of education lies in honing every aspect of an individual. Be it one's knowledge, one's skill or overall personality.

JECRC UDML houses Genesis Lecture series wherein renowned personalities from various disciplines are invited to share their valuable inputs on personality development and other related topics.

Sarvatra'10 (JECRC UDML)
The foundation stone of Sarvatra-2010-the first techno-cultural fest of JECRC UDML College of Engineering, JECRC Foundation was laid.

Culturul event series Dazzle was contributed by various events like rocking performances of dance in India's best dancing crew, melodious singing (solo and Duet) , Smiles have no taxes in laughter challenge show 'Ek or Ek Gyarah', great expression and style in fashion Show, sizzling performances by various rock bands in voictrumenta , Roadies ' A Funny game show', hunt for great talent in Great talent Show and last but not least antakshari and Dumbcharades . A good number of participation was observed in every event from various colleges and institutions. More than 100 colleges had participated in various events.

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